Whether you are a club that organizes a small event, or if you are a professional event organizer , you will count with a tools that optimize the time in the most profitable processes of managing a sporting events, such as registration and organization of it.

Online Registration Form

  • Request the data that you need from enrollees, unlimited customization
  • Additional charges can be placed in the same form (food, lodging, merchandising…)
  • Set a Team registration and receive grouped registrations in a single payment

Online Payment 100% safe

  • Through our POS and/or Bank Transfer. Manual registrations are over, everything online!
  • Have all the incomes and payments under control, arrange money from your registrations whenever you want
  • If you already have your own POS, we can integrate it into our plataform

Registration Zone Management

  • Manage your registrations anywhere, anytime
  • Export listings in Excel whenever you want using the filters that you have in AvaiBook
  • Completelly compatible with any timing system

The high customization of our system will let you take into account any need. Our system is so easy that it will improve your event, giving all the facilities for the user who wants to make the registration

Diseño Web

Self-managed website design

  • Design your own self-managed website
  • Use colors and fonts that best suits your company of sports club
  • Add and edit all of your event information: news, image and videos, billboards, custom design...

100% Responsive integration on your web page

  • Our online registration form it's adapted to all current devices (PC , tablet or mobile)
  • You can integrate it into your own web page using one of the following options: IFRAME 100% responsive or simple link or  customizable button
Gestión de E-mailing

E-mailing management

  • Create and edit e-mail customized campaigns to send all the information you want to your registered
  • Use your past events databases to inform of upcoming events you're going to make
  •  You can save the campaign as a draft and edit it whenever you want , you can send it at that moment or set a schedule delivery for before
Gestión de Resultados

Management and publication of results

  • Create and publish the list of results from an Excel or PDF file so your participants will be abkle to check their results in real time
  • Set the filters you want to display in the list to make your participants have a better searching of their result( name , aging, club ... )
  • Customize and enable online diplomas
Usuarios de Acceso

Get a bigger number of registrations

  • Get inscriptions from shops and stores that work in your event
  • Insert and edit entries from the system manually without restrictions
  • Give  another ways of registration to your VIP entries with special discounts.
Asignación de Dorsales

Management and allocation of numbers for your registrations

  • The platform offers an assignation of numbers manually or automatically when the participant makes the inscription
  •  Manually assign the numbers with an EXCEL file editor using filters of the program and import it to our system
  • Send an e-mail notice to your enrolled with their assigned number  and a different message with the data to collect the numbers
Circuitos de Carreras

Do you plan to organize a race track ?

  • You'll get a customized page for the circuit
  • You can unify all your events in the same circuit and create circuit classifications
  • Control registrations to the circuit and each event using the event management platform that offers AvaiBook Sports

Other functions available in the system

Gestión de Categorías

Create different categories authomatically and  by enrolling each participant will be classify using the fields of sex and / or birth date to define: Absolute (male / female ) , veteran ( minimum and maximum age ), children ....

Bonos de Inscripción

Create sign-up bonuses to offer a discount to one or more persons. You can define the validity of bonus by registration number or setting start / end dates and send it via e- mail from the same platform .

Gestión  de Facturas

Manage your bills for your events with all the data you need. You can generate invoices manually adding different concepts with prices , taxes or discounts that the system will automatically calculate.

Estadísticas para el Evento

Real-time statistics with the evolution of your event inscriptions during the registration period . Compare your current event with statistics with previous events : Registrations per day , for hours, by sex, age and more options ...

Sistema Multi Idioma

AvaiBook Sports system is a multi-language system, that translates text and messages inscriptions in many languages. You can also add custom translations on the registration form .

Imagen motivacional #YoVoy

Use our hashtag tool #YoVoy to make sure that your event will be shared more on social network, creating a motivational image with a personalized message that your participants can share when they sing up to the event.

Dorsal Personalizado #MiDorsal

Use our tool #MiDorsal diffusion so you can show in the participants list a preview image with the number and they can share it on Twitter or Facebook

Soporte Técnico Personalizado

Specialized support to organizers, offering the best service and the best service support. Every customers is different and deserves the best personal attention.

Tu dominio

YourDomain.com: AvaiBook Sports offer you a self-control so you can use our site like official website of your event . example www.yoursportevent.com

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