Are you an events organizer?

The management platform of sports events is prepared to help you to manage them

Sistema de gestión de inscripciones

Management platform for events

  • With the form of on-line inscription and with the payment forms more used by the internet users: TPV, Paypal and/or bank Transfer
  • Management System of inscriptions to obtain information in realtime of your participants
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Integra el formulario de inscripción en tu página web

Do you already have a web page for your event?

  • Integrates the inscription form in your web page
  • We give you several options to be able to integrate it: simple link, customized button or by means of iframe 100% adaptive
  • If you cannot make it or you don’t have time, we can make it for you
Consigue una página web autogestionable

If you don't have web page....

  • We provide you a self-managed web page
  • Adds all the information of your event, news, images and videos, poster, sponsors, colors and personalized headers…
  • Without additional cost, it is totally FREE

AvaiBook Sports recommends you

Facebook icono

Uses social nets. Creates official pages so that they can be used to communicate to your participants about any relative news to the event. If you don’t know or you don’t have time, we can do it for you.

JPG icono

Link images and videos of previous editions of your event. People will like to see images of the organization of your race and you will get also to be much more attractive for new participants.

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