Avaibook sports it’s a business area of AvaiBook Online SL (www.avaibookonline.com), we are a young company with only three years of life.  We have grown from nothing, only an idea and an illusion. We are making a big effort and we are hard working because we know that great things can only be gotten with them. So, we don’t want to tell you stories or confuse you, we are here to help you. And we are pretty sure that If we can work together, you are going to improve ans so we do.

We have very clear and strong values. The famous Groucho Marx quote “Those are my principles, and if you don’t like them… well, I have others”    It DOESN’T MIND ANYTHING for us, so sorry. We don’t know if our values are totally correct’s, but they are ours.

- This are our values-

Love AvaiBook Sports

We love the things that we make, like you

We are in love with the things that we do, and we know that you are too, and that is why our target it´s keeping them. To organize, to manage and to do the timing for a sport event it´s an amazing task, but also difficult to develop. For that reason is that we are here, to help you and to make your work easier. That´s a PROMISE!


It's not our platform, it's your platform

AvaiBook Sports is a plataform to manage sport events totally adaptable and flexible. So much, that you are not going to believe it´s ours, but yours. Our core idea, is that as well as we are powerfull, the system must be easy and intuitive. In out minds that is the best way to make it enjoyable and practicle for you. That´s a PROMISE!

Tus inscritos

Registrations are yours, not ours.

We know that you are very conscious with data protection of your enrolled, but we have good news: we think the same. For this reason, we have very clear that data of the registrations with you, are yours, not ours, and we will not take out under any reasons. Even we are not going to send commercial information without your consent – neither now nor never-. Promised!


It's not our money, it's your money

Organize a sport event involve a big economical risk. there are too many expenses to defray like insurances, t-shirts, provisioning, timekeeping and a long etc. In the case that you need a payment in advance to cover any expense, don’t esitate, ask for it. It’s your money, it belongs to you, we will transfer you inmediately, and we won’t charge anything for it. As well as, from you private zone you will know in every moment the money you have accumulated and how much is the money that you will pay to us. True transparency. Promised!

Los mejores

We are not the best in the world, but we want to be

The AvaiBook Sports team are composed by sporty people and event managers, and we are people  used to be involved in track meeting, so we know in advance wich are all of your needs, and of course our team are composed of the best software developers, to make your needs become a reallity, so if you have any improvement proposal or any suggestion, please tell us, we will make it happen,. That’s a PROMISE!

Lo que valemos

If you do not charge what you're worth , you 'll end up being worth what you charge

Our service has a cost, cheaper than  other plataforms and more expensive than others, and we know that, we are not the cheapest, and we don´t want to be. We are not like others, and we don´t work like others, that is why we don´t cost the same, We don´t sell words, or mediocrities or smoke, we sell the best service, quality and the best result. That’s a PROMISE!

La mejor plataforma

Movement is when you walk by

We are so strongly convinced  that AvaiBook Sports is the best platform to manage sport events at a national level and we are not saying this lightly. We want to show you, test our system, be convinced by yourself. Maybe, you can visit our successful stories too. You will be completely satisfied. Promised!