Promotion and diffusion for your events

Our team will take charge that your event has the repercussion that it needs

Equipo de expertos en difusión

We are expert in diffusion

  • Our expert team takes charge of studying each event to give it the diffusion that it needs
  • We use current tools of communication and propagation in digital media
  • Receives statistics and a professional analysis of the repercussion that generates your event
Equipo de expertos en difusión

Do you need promotion and additional diffusion?

  • Lets that our specialists in communication and social media manage your social nets
  • We carry out campaigns of shippings of massive customized e-mailings
  • We highlight your event in our monthly bulletin

AvaiBook Sports recommends you

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Uses social nets. Creates official pages so that they can be used to communicate to your participants about any relative news to the event. If you don’t know or you don’t have time, we can help you.

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Link images and videos of previous editions of your event. People will like to see images of the organization of your race and you will get also to be much more attractive for new participants.

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