A Web Page personalized web and self-managed

Acquires a webpage in less than 15 minutes with all the information of your event

Resultado final

A Web Page complete and with the information that you need

  • Without programming knowledge you will have available a web page totally configurable and designed as you like
  • Upgrades the information of the site when you want it, and adds news, images and videos
  • You don’t pay more for a complete and dynamic web, when using the system of AvaiBook Sports you will have it completely FREE in managing your events
  • You have an example clicking here
Sistema de gestión de inscripciones

Personalizes the information of your event

  • Creates and modifies your events with the necessary information: name, dates, poster, description, multimedia content…
  • Configures the contact data and social nets so that your participants can clarify doubts and  share publications of your race
  •  Adds files to download
Sistema de gestión de inscripciones

Designs your page like more you like it

  • Changes the way in that you see your page: color, images, information…
  • Adds the header, the background and poster to give a professional and attractive image to your visitors
  • You will be able to create personalized sections in which you can add the content that you want

AvaiBook Sports recommends you

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Invests in the design of the poster. Remembers that this element is the invitation to participate in your event. A good poster is more attractive and makes your event different of the other ones. If you don’t know for where to begin, we can help you.

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Includes quality content. Creates news and update the information that you show to your participants. This will help to position well your web in search engines as Google, Bing or Yahoo.

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